Internet of Things (IoT) Insights from Analysts and Experts

Insights From Analysts and Experts

Products have evolved from purely mechanical and electrical components to complex systems that are increasingly connected to the Internet and each other. The emergence of these smart connected products in the Internet of Things—and the rapidly expanding universe of capabilities that derives from automated machine to machine (M2M) interaction—will create new forms of value for manufacturers and their customers.

  • Analysts and governments alike are realizing the potential IoT economic impact, and encouraging manufacturers to adapt their business models to maximize their participation in the industrial internet.
  • In Europe, Industry 4.0 is establishing a long-term IoT vision.
  • The United States is doing much the same with the Industrial Internet Consortium.

To capitalize on the business opportunities and the IoT economic impact presented by the smart, connected products, discrete manufacturers will have to look at the way they develop, service, and even sell their products in new ways. PTC helps manufacturers to make sense of the explosion of information around the industrial internet and to separate the signal from the noise as it pertains to smart, connected products, Industry 4.0 and other M2M business models.


  • Pokémon GO Just Accelerated Adoption of Enterprise Augmented Reality
    Blue Hill Research - July 2016
    "From Blue Hill’s perspective, the truly interesting aspect of this phenomenon is not simply that this game is a trend, nor that that it will mostly likely be a boon to Nintendo stock. More importantly, this is a generational introduction to the true potential of Augmented Reality and the experiences associated with interacting with one’s environment." - Hyoun Park, Chief Research Officer at Blue Hill Research.
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  • PTC's IoT Strategy: Realizing the Connected World
    Joe Barkai – September 2015
    "Since James Heppelmann took the helm at PTC in October of 2010, he has been hard at work, challenging the status quo among top-tier PLM vendors and seeking to redefine PLM and expand its influence beyond its traditional engineering boundaries." In this insightful article, Joe Barkai, industry analyst and change agent, examines PTC's history, describes the reasons behind its entrée into the IoT, and offers up strategic advice. Joe states, "Mr. Heppelmann wants to keep the 'things' PTC's customers design, operate, and service at the center of everything PTC is doing."
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  • Internet of Things Report
    Raconteur, June 2015
    This report explores top IoT startups and breakthroughs so far, as well as how the technology could open up new revenue streams for businesses, kick-start a health revolution, and impact on the future of smart cities and connected retail.
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  • Smart, Connected Products Gain the Competitive Advantage
    Frost & Sullivan - June 2015

    Manufacturers have a rare opportunity to achieve competitive advantage – thanks to capabilities provided by creating and servicing smart, connected products. Key insights captured from IoT product usage will reshape the entire value chain for the companies who create those products. But where are the specific benefits, is there an optimal roadmap for growing IoT capabilities? Frost & Sullivan has prepared this report that includes identifies areas for immediate IoT growth, and real-world examples of leaders who are redefining their industry by creating and servicing smart, connect products.
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  • Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds
    ChainLink Research, June 2015

    At their annual conference, PTC showed how it is making big strides to their ultimate vision of smart connected products and the end-to-end product lifecycle systems that make that vision possible.
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  • Smart, Connected Products in Manufacturing
    IDC, June 2015

    IDC Research Manager Heather Ashton speaks with PTC about the manufacturing industry's growing adoption of smart, connected products and the product-as-a-service business model. This insightful dialog provides insight into the state of smart, connected product development, where manufacturers are seeing the strongest market opportunities, and how companies will need to adapt to best become a smart, connected leader in the IoT segment.
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  • The IoT Impact - Finding Your Company's Role in the New Smart Connected World
    ChainLink Research, May 2015

    In this research paper, written by Bill McBeath at ChainLink Research (May 2015), we look at the 10 critical questions posed in the Harvard Business Review article "How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition."
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  • A New Agenda Item for Enterprise Executives: Enterprise IoT (Part 1 of 3)
    Machina Research, February 2015

    Creating, connecting, operating and servicing smart, connected products are how companies will benefit from the Internet of Things. It's already happening. To fully realize the potential, far-reaching organizational changes must be made to leverage IoT capabilities. This is the first in a three-part white paper series investigating what it takes to successfully implement IoT strategy and technology.
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  • Blueprints and Feasibility Studies for Enterprise IoT (Part 2 of 3)
    Machina Research, April 2015

    The Internet of Things promises new opportunities for enterprise to increase market share, reduce costs, and expand revenue. But getting from planning an IoT strategy to getting an IoT ROI is a roadmap filled with important decision points. In this second of three white papers, Machina identifies IoT building blocks; weighs the importance of IoT scalability, agility and flexibility; and offers a feasibility study for companies to use in weighing challenges and opportunities.
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  • Rethinking Infrastructure
    Manufacturing Leadership Journal - April 2015

    Directly accessing "use phase" data promises to be a game changer for the manufacturers who design and service products in the IoT. Real-time, quantitative usage data will introduce prescriptive diagnostics and preventative maintenance. But being able to capture that data and turn it into actionable product intelligence is no small task. This report looks at the big data requirements, and examines important choices that manufacturers must make for IoT success.
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  • Leveraging the IoT to Improve Product Quality
    LNS Research – January 2015

    Smart, connected products can make a tremendous impact on quality improvement across the value chain. By enabling design-for-quality (DFQ) initiatives, these products collect and deliver usage data—providing valuable feedback to direct quality improvement processes. LNS Research has prepared this valuable research spotlight, which explores how smart, connected products can improve product quality.
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  • Smart, Connected Products: Manufacturing's Next Transformation
    Oxford Economics – October, 2014

    Based on interviews with 300 executives at manufacturing companies, Oxford Economics presents statistical insights into manufacturers who have already transitioned to smart, connected products. Download this report to understand what steps manufacturers have taken to embrace the IoT, and how they are measuring success.
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  • IT Embraces Smart, Connected Products to Transform Manufacturers
    Computerworld/IDG Research - July, 2014

    Surveying over 300 IT decision-makers, this IDG report draws sharp contrasts. Manufacturers anticipating the move to IoT-enabled products fail to anticipate many key challenges, as cited by their counterparts who have already transitioned to building smart products. Gain better insight into accepted and underestimated challenges, including: security, data storage infrastructure, and vendor ecosystems. Download this report to validate your own organization's IoT predictions.
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  • Connecting People, Products and Technology in a Collaborative Service Culture
    Strategies for Growth - October, 2014

    87% of enterprise services organizations already have IoT-enabled solutions in place. Presenting survey data from over 1,800 respondents, this report identifies what's driving connected product adoption, and the service delivery advantages they create.
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  • The Internet of Things: Transforming Manufacturing
    Manufacturing Leadership Journal—June, 2014

    The IoT's potential to catalyze the reinvention of traditional business models—driving new value creation through the emergence of smart, connected products—is itself an extension of the Forces of Transformation that PTC has identified as being critical to the future of manufacturing. In this article, Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO of PTC, describes how the combination of disruptive forces like connectivity and the proliferation of software-intensive products will shift value from hardware to software, and from products to the cloud and services.
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