ThingWorx Production Advisor

Real-time visibility and insight into production line performance and status

ThingWorx Production Advisor is a web/mobile application for production managers that rapidly unifies disparate sources of operational and business data. Users have real-time visibility into production status and critical KPIs such as availability, performance, quality and OEE.

ThingWorx Production Advisor Features:

  • Real-time visibility into performance and issues
  • Drill down into underlying data for root cause analysis
  • Normalized manufacturing KPIs with historical trending

Description: The Production Manager has visibility to many lines and associated KPI’s within a manufacturing operation. They can view the asset's current status as well as production history in a single screen.

ThingWorx Production Advisor readily connects to KEPServerEX® and other OPC servers, providing instant connectivity to your various assets. Built on the ThingWorx IoT platform, it provides accelerated time-to-value so you can kickstart your manufacturing journey.

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