ThingWorx Controls Advisor

Remotely monitor and troubleshoot machine connectivity

ThingWorx Controls Advisor is a web/mobile application to rapidly connect to and remotely visualize data from virtually any PLC in the factory. Controls Engineers are notified instantly of data communication errors that may cause the loss of critical production data. Simple tools enable users to trend and visualize data for rapid troubleshooting.

ThingWorx Controls Advisor Features:

  • Real-time visibility of asset and device status
  • Instant notification and alerts of device connectivity errors
  • The ability to easily trend tags in minutes

Description: See the state of all OPC Server installs in a single webpage. Dive deeper into device connectivity trending real-time data from PLCs.

ThingWorx Controls Advisor readily connects to Kepware® to provide instant connectivity to your various assets and is built on the Thingworx industrial IoT platform. This allows for accelerated time-to-value and the ability to quickly kick start your Manufacturing Journey.

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