ThingWorx Asset Advisor

Remotely monitor physical assets in real-time, automatically detect anomalies, and trigger alerts to improve efficiency and quality

With ThingWorx Asset Advisor is a web/mobile application that provides maintenance and service technicians real-time visibility into the health and status of critical assets. It alerts you to potential problems that may impact production while delivering simple, easy-to-use tools for trending and troubleshooting issues.

ThingWorx Asset Advisor Features:

  • Unified connectivity to disparate assets
  • Real-time anomaly detection
  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Asset trending & troubleshooting

Description: In a single pane of glass, ThingWorx Asset Advisor provides a view of all assets on the floor, including their status, automatically detected anomalies and alerts. Rapidly view the real-time and historical status of assets as well as any alerts.

ThingWorx Asset Advisor readily connects to KEPServerEX® and other OPC servers, providing instant connectivity to your various assets. Built on the ThingWorx IoT platform, it provides accelerated time-to-value so you can kick-start your manufacturing journey.

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