Leveraging Connected PLM to Develop Truly Trend-Driven Fashion PTC Connected PLM Series Part 1

Top tips to improve your fast-fashion strategy

The digital consumer and fast-fashion are redefining retail. Designing products that consumer want and bringing them to market quickly, is more complex and competitive than ever – according to recent research from Deloitte, Speed to market has become the top market pressure for retailers.

So how can retailers and brand owners, improve speed to market and overcome other challenges and market pressures they face today?

This report shares unique and valuable insights including the latest technologies and best practices for improving speed, innovation and agility across in-house and global supply chain operations. Experts weigh in from leading industry analysts, consultants and thought-leaders such as IDC, WhichPLM, Accenture, Deloitte and Kalypso.

Key highlights include:

  • How to improve supply chain agility and visibility
  • Ways to create actionable insights to drive better, more targeted products
  • Tips to increase efficiency and respond quicker to market trends and opportunities"
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