Expert Analysis and Insight into the value of Integrity Modeler Discover how an integrated, standards-based tool can support your successful systems and software engineering implementation

Bloor ReportThis Bloor InDetail Report analyzes and explores Integrity Modeler, a standards-based, graphical, systems and software engineering tool, which helps large distributed teams working on mission-critical and safety-critical projects manage the complexity of integrating software, hardware, and human process.

Download this 21-page report to learn key findings of an in-depth investigation of Integrity Modeler, including a discussion of the context and key challenges of systems engineering, pre-requisites of a successful systems engineering program, analysis of tool features, architecture and differentiators, and typical customer experiences.

This essential report:

  • Describes model-based systems engineering in the context of both business value and technology innovations
  • Identifies key product differentiators– and why they are critical to solving today’s systems engineering challenges.
  • Explains how Integrity Modeler fits in with existing software and systems engineering investments.
  • Provides essential information to support both investment and implementation.