Five Ways to Ensure Electromechanical Product Safety

Unlock the Secret to Ensuring Electromechanical Product Safety

Automate Your Clearance and Creepage Analysis

Do your products have comply to electrical safety regulations?

Is there a chance your product could fail or cause injury due to electrical sparks or short circuiting?

Do you manually measure or roughly approximate how electric passes through your products?

Have you had products fail or fail inspection due to electrical sparking?

Have you tried Spark Analysis Extension in the past, liked the idea but wanted more from the software?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then please join us as Jim Barrett-Smith, Director Product Management, PTC, discusses how PTC’s new Clearance and Creepage Extension automates the testing of electromechanical product safety.

He’ll show you the value of automating your analysis directly on digital models, as well as how to receive visual feedback, clearly identify product safety issues, and easily investigate violations.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Improve design quality by helping to optimize designs for electrical product safety
  • Save time and reduce prototype costs
  • Reduce production rework and scrap
  • Reduce product recalls and chance of damage to corporate reputation
  • Get started on the road to faster compliance and reduced manufacturing costs.

This webcast includes demonstrations and plenty of resources that you can use now to ensure product safety, and reduce manufacturing costs.

Meet Your Presenter:

Jim Barrett-Smith

Jim Barrett-Smith, Director Product Management, PTC