CIMdata Commentary Getting Your Product Consumer Ready

Bringing any product to market quickly and profitably is an achievement, but in the case of consumer products it is especially notable due to the short timeframe and complexity of factors outside the core product lifecycle data.

CIMdata evaluates PTC’s FlexPLM Consumer Product offering. Key takeaways of the commentary are: 

  • Consumer Product (CP) companies have used PDM and PLM for years to support product design and manufacturing, but functions to deliver a consumer-ready product to the distribution channel or retail shelf have historically been siloed.
  • In consumer product companies packaging, labelling, and artwork are critical to getting a saleable product to market quickly.
  • Most product development oriented PLM solutions do not support merchandise and line planning; therefore, category and brand managers have limited visibility of those factors.
  • PTC’s FlexPLM, based on the Windchill platform, is a proven solution for retail and consumer products that can help get complex consumer products to market faster and at lower cost by integrating product design with retail, online, and other channel related data.

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