Creo Illustrate


Communicate complex service and parts information with 2D/3D technical illustrations

Today’s increasingly complex products call for graphic support in order for effective and timely service to be performed. Quality technical graphics are valuable service assets that empower technicians to identify the correct parts needed and successfully perform service tasks. Creo Illustrate simplifies 2D and 3D illustration from complex 3D CAD data, delivering configuration-specific graphical information throughout the entire lifecycle.

Creo Illustrate

The better your technical illustrations, the happier your customers and technicians are.

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These technical illustrations accurately reflect current product design and communicate complex service and parts information that is easily updated to reflect product and part changes. Creo Illustrate can also restructure CAD engineering bills of materials (eBOMs) to create service bills of materials (sBOMs) for parts and service procedures, or other illustration purposes.

Creo Illustrate:

  • Improves product performance and customer experience by accelerating repair and maintenance times
  • Assimilates disparate CAD formats as a stand-alone tool and can be fully integrated with Windchill, Creo and Servigistics Arbortext products
  • Reduces translation costs by replacing text with illustrated step-by-step procedures, 3D animations, illustrated parts lists and other graphical representations
  • Clearly conveys complex service information through 3D animations that visually demonstrate complex service procedures
  • Improves illustrator productivity by automating illustration change management throughout the service information lifecycle by maintaining an associative link to original CAD files
  • Increases service and parts accuracy by automating parts lists creation and call-outs directly from CAD metadata to produce dynamic parts lists
  • Provides 2D and 3D publish and export capabilities to reuse illustrations for other purposes

Deployment Options

Creo Illustrate has several deployment options to suit your specific business needs. These offerings are tailored to scale to your technical illustration requirements as well as your budget.

Creo Illustrate Schematics

With current trends toward hybridization of physical and digital properties in today’s products, it is equally likely that the fault found could be on the digital as well as the physical side. With the ability to repurpose schematic data, the technician is able to more accurately trouble shoot and identify the exact location of the problem.

Creo Illustration

Schematic Cross Selection Highlighting pinpoints part location between the model and the schematic drawing

The Creo Illustrate Schematics Module enables the repurposing of schematic diagrams to enhance downstream, interactive trouble shooting and:

  • Allows for interactive cross selection highlighting with the 3D model represented by the schematic
  • Enables the application of color, based on desired interpretation of data (e.g. to represent power vs. data, voltage across different wires or the actual color of each wire)
  • Retains associativity with engineering data to allow easy and reliable updating
  • Expands comprehension of schematic data through interactive navigation

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