Content Authoring How can content authors create technical documentation that accelerates field service efficiency and increases product end-user comprehension?

Authoring contextual, product-centric technical content is conducive to accelerating field service productivity. However, technical writers must often spend time duplicating content, managing translations, formatting pages, and conducting other time-consuming tasks that have little impact on reader comprehension.

Such challenges are pervasive across many organizations that produce highly complex, configurable products. How can technical communications teams efficiently author content that’s easy to understand?

Increase Comprehension and Author Efficiency

  • Establish associative links to engineering data and CAD systems, ensuring service content is automatically updated whenever design teams apply changes to parts, components, or products.

  • Create 2D technical illustrations to visualize assembly instructions, parts catalogs, and other printed content.

  • Develop publications based on DITA and S1000D data models, facilitating content reuse across myriad media formats, from mobile-optimized parts catalogs to printed installation guides.

  • Implement single instances of approved product and service information, thereby eliminating the need to duplicate content.

  • Use 3D technical illustrations and animations to simulate installation, repair, and other service procedures.

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