Dealer Inventory Management

Empower your Dealers to Achieve and Maintain Optimal Stocking Levels

When implementing a Dealer Inventory Management (DIM) program, OEMs enable their dealers to access a system that would normally be out of reach, empowering them to improve parts availability, decrease excess stock and increase overall profitability.

Most importantly, this system is easy for dealers to use and can be tailored to any skill level. PTC Service Parts Management software can easily integrate with multiple Dealer Management Systems (DMS), and we will train your dealers to ensure a smooth adoption process that won’t strain even the smallest shop.

Your dealers will benefit from better management of parts return and buyback using methods that correlate returns to automatic inventory replenishment. Dealers will improve parts availability, eliminate stock outs, and improve customer service, fostering repeat business and competitive advantages.

Help your service supply chain boost your bottom line.


Optimizing Service Parts for Profit

Step one to achieving a best-in-class service parts management - knowing the critical success factors.

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Capabilities of extending PTC Service Parts Management to your dealer network include:

  • Widening the overall Bill of Distribution to your dealer network with unique identification of dealer groups based on ownership.
  • Providing the ability to manage a retail inventory feed from diverse dealer business systems.
  • Enabling each dealer to manage demand planning and supply parameters.
  • Generating and reviewing orders for dealers.
  • Enabling fluid store-to-store transfers within dealer business groups.

Extending World-Class Parts Planning to Your Dealers Enables Better Planning and Stronger Dealer Relationships

Sharing the capabilities of PTC Service Parts Management with your dealers allows information about parts demand to increase planning and stocking accuracy for both dealers and service organizations - a significant competitive differentiator for all parties.

When implementing a Retail Inventory Management (RIM) program like Dealer Inventory Management, OEMs benefit from highly optimized, end-to-end inventory across the entire service network, on the same model. Additionally, your service organization can respond to changes in market demand, benefit from increased dealer loyalty, and increased market share.

All service parts planning software providers claim to improve inventory performance, but only PTC Service Parts Management has the most sophisticated capabilities for ensuring that the optimal number of parts are available at every stocking location all the time. Learn Why PTC’s Advanced Inventory Optimization is essential to your service strategy.

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