Service and Parts Information

End-to-End Solution to Create, Manage and Deliver Service Content

PTC Service and Parts Information is an end-to-end solution of technical documentation software that enables technical communications professionals to create, manage, and deliver service content to both product end-users and field service departments. A single, integrated enterprise architecture provides the capabilities needed to:

  1. Create and reuse information structures that determine how readers will find and interact with content.
  2. Develop technical documentation based on publishing standards such as DITA, S1000D, and DocBook.
  3. Repurpose engineering CAD data into static or animated 3D illustrations.
  4. Organize technical information originating from both PTC products and other technical documentation software.
  5. Publish content across print, web, and mobile.
  6. Automatically update service and parts information in conjunction with engineering changes. 

Most technical documentation software lack the functionality needed to ensure the accuracy, relevancy, and timeliness of technical information. In the rush to meet strict deadlines, technical communications teams publish outdated, error-prone documents that are difficult to use.

Our Service & Parts Information solution addresses this issue by:

  1. Linking content on specific parts to their original CAD and bill of materials files.
  2. Structuring publications according to product use cases and service procedures.

These features ensure technical information is up-to-date with product development, relevant to the user’s role and task, and easy to understand.

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