Service Parts Management for Defense Agencies

Increase Weapons System Availability, Optimize Supply Chain Management & Ensure Mission Success

Defense Agencies are tasked to be ready at a moments’ notice. Aircraft have to be ready to fly; Ships must be ready to sail; Weapons systems need to be ready to respond. Support, logistics, and product managers cannot afford to spend valuable time addressing delays due to missing parts, missed performance goals, the high cost of maintenance and logistics, and other ongoing issues related to mission readiness. 

By proactively addressing service parts management and supply chain challenges, defense organizations can improve readiness planning, reduce inventory investment, increase part availability, and ultimately, increase mission success rates.

Service Parts Management for Aerospace and Defense

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Create Efficiency with Service Parts Management Software

Today, Service Parts Management (SPM) solutions can address preparedness at the parts level, creating a foundation of efficiency on which the entire supply chain for a defense agency can be better optimized. By streamlining inventory and parts management, defense agencies can better achieve successful, cost-effective preparedness levels while continuously improving operational results.

Prepare your military supply chain for uncertainty in 5 steps

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PTC’s SPM solution for defense agencies allows you to:

  • Increase part and weapons system availability
  • Improve Performance-Based Logistics (PBL)
  • Streamline maintenance of complex assets
  • Optimize inventory across multiple global sites
  • Share precise Target Stocking Levels (TSLs) across sites
  • Improve sustainment using the SCOR model
  • Reduce work stoppages
  • Lower operational costs

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