How to Buy Product Lifecycle Management Software



Get instant access to PLM on the cloud. Perfect for small businesses that want to improve team collaboration. Available through PTC Channel Partners.


Enjoy the benefits of a PLM SaaS with configured processes to support specific business needs.


PLM Cloud solution for enterprises that require advanced configuration management and integrations with other internal systems.

Hosted PLM

gearsSubscription pricing with PTC handling the hosting.

Deploying and managing enterprise applications can be challenging, costly, and time consuming, especially when IT organizations are already stretched thin. With PTC Cloud Services, companies are guaranteed rapid deployment, secure hosting, and 24/7 application management, tuning, and updates with experienced application specialists. The result: Peak software performance, minimum risk, and maximum business value.

On Premise

representativeSubscription pricing with on-premise solutions.

For companies managing their own systems, PTC offers the flexibility of subscription pricing for on-premise deployments. Customers can take full advantage of PTC's subscription pricing and packaging while maintaining on-site systems.