Impressive ROI with PLM in the Cloud

 84% ROI in Less Than 6 Months with PTC PLM Cloud Implementation

KI, a leading provider of furniture expertise and products, found themselves in a tough situation. Their existing solution for managing product life cycles was not effective. Geographically siloed product data added more complexity, and pain. Employees using CAD and BOM applications were hardest hit.

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KI knew it was time for a change. They spent a solid year evaluating PLM options, with specific goals in mind.

They wanted to:

  • Consolidate existing data from their disparate locations.
  • Create a centralized repository for all current and future product data.
  • Sync CAD and BOM data across the organization.
  • Make data visible and usable by all sectors and departments.

With research, consultation, and testing, KI whittled their list down to a single vendor, PTC. Our PLM Cloud solution fits their needs and budget. A strategic roll-out, coupled with customized user training, helped KI achieve an 84% ROI.

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