Electronics & High Tech Solutions

See how top high technology companies achieve accelerated digital transformation through PTC's PLM solutions

Respond to high technology demand at the speed of innovation

Between your cutting-edge product lines and collaborative teams that never stop reaching for the next big disruption, the electronics and high tech industry sees only possibilities. Discover how PTC PLM can help address key business issues in your industry, from consolidating product data and breaking down organizational silos to accelerating innovation cycles.

  • reduce time-to-market
  • respond rapidly to changing market conditions
  • decrease costs
  • improve quality
  • drive digital transformation

Orchestrate data and disrupt the digital economy

The world's never been more connected, and that puts endless demand on the high tech industry. With reliance on cloud-based software and IoT capabilities, the lines around "product" have started to blur—and an abundance of data multiplies daily, in need of orchestration.

PTC's product lifecycle management solutions give your team control over end-to-end product and process data, uniting siloed teams so you can get back to what you do best: rapidly adapting existing models to deliver customer-centric experiences of the utmost quality. 

Be a driver of reinvention and break ground on the next great disruption.

  • pivot to consumption-based, as-a-service business models
  • access real-time customer and product performance insights
  • redefine user experience
  • create end-to-end digital threads for your products

Compal brings product lifecycle management to cutting-edge product lines

Electronics and high tech companies rely on PTC product lifecycle management for their fast pace of innovation, highly integrated business process, configurable platform designs, and confidence in reliability across their diverse and cutting-edge product lines. Watch how Compal, a world leader in manufacturing laptops, accelerated their global innovation with PLM solutions.

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