BOM Management Small Steps to Digital Transformation Start with Managing a Complete Digital Bill of Materials

From Drawings to a Parts-Centric Development Process

Without a complete, digital Bill of Material (BOM), teams across your organization will feel the sting of increased costs, decreased product quality, and delayed time to market. PTC Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enables you to adopt a parts-centric approach to managing your BOM with a single source of truth to all product data across your organization. Experience true closed-loop lifecycle management from early concept through all iterations, design cycles, and stages until your product is fully released.

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Creating a BOM Structure

The BOM is the most critical deliverable in product development, it’s the backbone of a product definition. Yet many companies use inadequate tools (such as Excel spreadsheets) to define and manage the BOM.

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Digital Product Definition
Purpose built, trustworthy product representation that can be used throughout the enterprise

A consolidated hub of product data and processes

Product Development
Complete end-to-end PLM with capabilities to accelerate product development

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