Solving Systems of Equations

Solve Systems of Equations with PTC Mathcad

Solving systems of equations can often be difficult when you use matrix calculations or, in the case of non-linear equations, sometimes impossible. Why use software that isn't meant to handle complex multi-variable calculations? PTC Mathcad is your systems of equations solver that allows you to solve any number of your equations with unknown variables simply and easily through the use of the software's solve block feature.

  • Solve your complex systems of equations without performing linear algebra or matrix manipulations.

  • Solve your problems with confidence, knowing the appropriate algorithm is automatically selected.

  • Set up your problems in natural math notation—equations are not hidden in definitions of vectors and matrices, or in solver definitions.

Solving Systems of Equations Tips and Tricks:

Use the minerr function if the find function fails to converge. minerr will return whatever answer is found on the last allowable iteration, even if it doesn't meet the convergence criteria. If convergence occurs, then minerr returns the same results as find.