PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0

Check out what’s new in the latest release of PTC Mathcad

PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0

Now Available! PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0

Solving complex engineering calculations is one thing. Communicating them visually is another. PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0 introduces new easy to use 2D plotting capabilities that will help enhance the visualization of your data.

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What’s New in PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0?

Visualizing your engineering calculations data is easier than ever before. PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0 delivers a new comprehensive 2D plotting application that will enhance the way you annotate and deliver your engineering data.

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Enhance Your 2D Plotting

PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0 offers enhanced 2D plotting capabilities, enabling you to now fully customize the look and feel of your 2D plot charts. Some of the enhanced formatting capabilities you can expect include:

  • Full Axes formatting
  • Titles and legend
  • Second Y-Axis
  • Gridlines
  • Customizable plot look and feel

Why Choose PTC Mathcad?

  • Securely communicate design intent and engineering knowledge
  • Intuitively construct calculations using standard math notation
  • Create professional-quality documents with live math, plots, text, and images
  • Repurpose standardized calculations
  • Increase productivity with full units support throughout calculations
  • Accelerate training and adoption with instant access to elearning
    PTC Mathcad 5.0 Content Protection

    Learn about other recent PTC Mathcad enhancements made in previous releases

    Content Protection

    Our engineering calculations are valuable corporate assets. PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0 offers Area Protection and Locking so that you can control the degree of access and the visibility you want others to have. PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0 makes protecting and sharing your work worry-free.

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    Seamless Interoperability

    Spend less time switching between applications or trying to coordinate work. Now you can embed content from other applications into PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0 worksheets, as well as copy and paste multiple regions of a worksheet into MS Word.

    Embed Objects into Engineering Worksheets

    PTC Mathcad 5.0 Interoperability
    PTC Mathcad 5.0 Usability

    Improved Usability

    Equation wrapping means your calculations won’t disappear off the edge of the page. You can even wrap-as-you-type.

    Keep Math Orderly

    Performance Enhancements

    Have a worksheet of 100 pages or more? With this new release, it’s easier to create, organize, and interact with large, complex worksheets.

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    Performance Enhancements

    PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0 Release

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