Engineering Calculations

Improve the Way You Perform Your Engineering Calculations

Do you use spreadsheets to perform and document your engineering calculations? While spreadsheets might be useful for financial calculations, they have their limitations when it comes to advanced engineering mathematics. Spreadsheet-based calculations can result in hours spent on idle tasks, poor communication among team members, and critical errors that can be neither traced nor audited. 

Is your most important IP at risk?

Studies now report that for teams that use basic spreadsheets for their engineering mathematics, the resulting calculations often contain serious flaws. In fact, a study from KPMG found that 91% of spreadsheets taken from an industry sample contained errors. And see what these consulting firms discovered (Infographic).

Why risk your most important calculations to spreadsheets? Don't wait until a critical error surfaces to evaluate your engineering math software.

Are you compromising your product design?

According to industry analyst Chad Jackson, engineers have been compromising their work by using the wrong calculation software for years – read how (eBook) and see if you could you improve your results by changing your engineering math software. 

A solution like PTC Mathcad integrates readable, live calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images into a single, interactive, professionally presented document. Its live mathematical notation, unit conversion, and powerful calculation capabilities, presented within the familiarity of an engineering notebook, allow engineers and design teams to more easily communicate critical design and engineering knowledge. As a result of using dedicated engineering math software like PTC Mathcad, teams avoid the majority of errors found with spreadsheets.