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Compare PTC Mathcad Licenses

PTC Mathcad offers three different types of licensing options: 30-day trial version, an individual license and multiple licenses. PTC Mathcad Express is our free-for-life software. When you select the 30-day full functionality option, you will enjoy all the features included in PTC Mathcad. Once the 30 days end, you can continue with our free-for-life version, PTC Mathcad Express. Compare each of the capabilities and find the option that best suits your needs

PTC Mathcad Capabilities
(*Available First 30-Days in Express)

Express Subscription

PTC Mathcad Express
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Individual Licenses
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Multiple Licenses
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New in Prime 5.0
Content Protection*

Object Linking & Embedding*

Equation Wrapping*

Write equations using natural math notation

Basic Math
Automatic update of calculations
Algebra and trigonometry operators and functions
Comprehensive documentation
Standardize engineering processes using templates*
X-Y plots
Advanced plot types: Polar, Contour, 3D*
Advanced Math
Solve systems of linear, non-linear and differential equations*
Evaluate expressions symbolically*
Embed Excel directly in your worksheet*
Advanced Engineering Mathematics: e.g. Design of Experiments, Differential Equations, Solving Regression*
Advanced Numeric Functions: e.g. Fourier Transforms, Signal Processing, Statistics & Data Analysis*
License Options
Centralized IT management and administration
eLearning Libraries 1 3
Capabilities (*Available First 30-Days in Express)
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If you want to convert worksheets from previous versions of PTC Mathcad, please download PTC Mathcad 15.0 free trial.

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