IoT Use Cases for Marketing and Sales

Anticipate Customer Needs, Efficiently Identify Sales Opportunities

  • Flexible Billing and Pricing Models –Deploy new business models that leverage product data to enable usage, performance, or outcome-based services and subscription pricing models that increase value captured and market penetration opportunities.
  • Real-Time Market Insights – Analyze usage and condition data across products and customers to trigger automated cross-sell and up-sell alerts and identify opportunities for new market segments, products, or services which align to customer needs.
  • Immersive Product Demonstration – Deliver interactive, at-scale, in-context product demonstrations using augmented or virtual reality to enhance customer experiences and alignment, and increase close rates.
  • Connected Consumable Resupply –Connect and analyze product usage and consumable data to create inventory-based consumable resupply models which enhance the customer’s experience and create new revenue streams.

Common IoT Metrics for Marketing and Sales:

  • Retention rate; utilization rate
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Attach rate; up-sell/cross-sell revenue
  • Market penetration
  • Percent profit from new products/services
  • Market share; growth
  • Customer satisfaction; Net promoter score
  • Complaints; response time; resolution time

Sysmex IIoT Use Case

Sysmex is a provider of medical diagnostic instruments, reagents, and related software systems for laboratories and healthcare facilities throughout the globe.​

Sysmex utilizes the ThingWorx Platform to monitor reagent usage in their customers’ medical diagnostic equipment to ensure reagent levels are adequate to maintain uptime on the machines. Sysmex can take advantage of this data to create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and ensure customers are satisfied and gaining maximum value from the equipment.

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