IoT Use Cases for Information and Operational Technology

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IoT Use Cases for Information and Operational Technology

  • Product and Asset Connectivity – Leverage pre-authored device drivers or agent technology and connectivity services to easily and flexibly connect and manage diverse endpoints via third-party device clouds, direct network connections, and open APIs.

  • Secure IoT Operations Management –Establish a scalable system to provision and deploy assets, secure and manage endpoint access, and manage system processing and analytics to operate with agility in an evolving environment.

  • Data Integration and Analytics – Integrate real-time usage and condition data with business system data and anomaly detection analytics to predict issues, optimize business processes, and discover new insights that deliver unique business value.

  • Rapid IoT and AR / VR App Development – Develop, distribute, and manage IoT and AR/VR applications with off-the-shelf extensions and a collaborative developer ecosystem for rapid solution development, high code reuse, and continuous change and process improvement.

Common IoT Metrics for Information and Operational Technology:

  • R&D expense; total development cost
  • Customer satisfaction; net promoter score
  • Time to market
  • Non-compliance events per year
  • Complaints; response time; resolution time
  • Percent profit from new products/services

Hirotec America IIoT Use Case

Hirotec is a leading manufacturer of automotive parts and systems.

By utilizing the ThingWorx Platform, Hirotec is able to easily and quickly connect and integrate data from disparate machine assets to provide visibility into how those machines are operating.

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