ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform For full digital transformation, you need a best-in-class industrial IoT solution. ThingWorx is the only IIoT platform that offers the full-suite of must-have capabilities for industrial innovation.

Harness the IIoT Platform with End-to-End Capabilities

ThingWorx stands alone as the only platform purpose-built for industrial IoT applications, with the complete suite of necessary capabilities. ThingWorx also has deep integration with complementary PTC technologies across the industrial value chain, from CAD and PLM to Augmented Reality.

Platform Product Brief

Industrial Connectivity, Powered by Kepware

Choose from over 150 protocol adapters, drivers and plug-ins. Ensure connectivity to devices, applications and data sources across your organization. Access industrial IoT and application data from on-premise web servers, off-premise cloud applications and hybrid environments for ultimate flexibility.

Industrial Connectivity Product Brief

Build Better and Deploy Faster with ThingWorx Foundation

Create robust industrial IoT solutions—faster and more easily than ever before. Utilize deep functional capabilities and our robust IIoT partner ecosystem, to develop feature-rich IoT applications that maximize your return on investment.

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Manage and Orchestrate Your Smart Assets

Use ThingWorx to manage connected devices and control processes. Leverage out-of-the box functions and applications to ensure optimal performance of assets and operations. These capabilities provide substantial value in the form of increased uptime, reduced costs, role-based visibility and control, and improved compliance.

Colfax Case Study

Gain Data-Driven Insights and Automation with IIoT Analytics

Managing unprecedented volumes of device data is both critical and challenging. ThingWorx uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to turn industrial IoT data into insights. Using automation, these insights can power platform applications, human processes and AR experiences.

ThingWorx Analytics Product Brief

Rapidly build engaging, cross-device user experiences.

Realizing the full potential of the IIoT depends upon effectively sharing the right data, to the right people, in the right format. ThingWorx provides a spectrum of user experience options that make sure that people can engage and leverage the industrial IoT—including a seamless integration with Vuforia AR.

Discover Vuforia industrial AR solutions

Accelerate Your IIoT Deployments

ThingWorx Apps & Accelerators

ThingWorx Apps provide out-of-the box insights into asset status and performance data. Start your free trial, and get role-based visibility into your equipment in under an hour.

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