Building Industrial IoT Solutions

Unlock the Opportunity: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Billions of IoT connected devices are already making a profound impact in manufacturing and industrial design. Manufacturers who leverage the power of that connectivity in one smart, enterprise-ready IIoT Platform, are in the position to lead industry’s IoT transformation.

Realizing the Value of Industrial IoT

The path to value in Industrial Internet of Things is complex. To capture the significant economic opportunity, a new technology infrastructure is required to accelerate your time to market for smart connected products and operations. An  IIoT platform enabled with a range of capabilities and components will empower you to:

  • Deploy applications that monitor, manage, and control connected devices
  • Collect, process, and analyze machine and sensor data in a business context
  • Secure connectivity between devices and real time data streams
  • Provide device/sensor management and remote device updates
  • Enable an application environment that supports rapid, continuous, iterative IoT solution creation  
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems
  • Use of Augmented Reality (AR) for next-generation selling, servicing, and training in Industrial settings

Making IIoT Work for You

To build a complete Industrial IoT system can be a costly and timely undertaking, demanding expertise, time, and capital. Many times, companies are still left with long IT project cycles and low return on investment.

Purpose-built IoT platforms simplify the development of Industrial IoT solutions. They can easily connect to devices and sensors, enabling an information flow between systems and operational assets, and delivering a solid foundation to a faster IIoT path to value.  

For well-established enterprises, Industrial IoT platform scalability is essential. The right platform scales to meet any needs and easily accommodates continual growth and change.

The IIoT Impact for You

Industrial IoT offers new value in every facet of business.  With one, enterprise-ready platform as foundation, IoT enables manufacturing companies to design and develop and deploy new products with speed and insight, optimize their factory floors, market and sell new products with vision, and drive new business and service models for heightened customer satisfaction.