Internet of Things (IoT) Case Studies

These IoT case studies illustrate the different ways that advanced manufacturing and smart, connected devices are being leveraged for competitive advantage.

Smart, Connected Products within The Internet of Things (IoT) will create a broad spectrum of opportunities for businesses to transform the way they create products and deliver services.

PTC Webcast: How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition

PTC Live WebcastThe Internet of Things is here, and manufacturers are changing to create, connect, operate and service smart, connected products. Access the webcast to learn how Getinge Online, Streetscooter, and Aquamatix are achieving IoT for real-world success.
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Heidelberg Pioneers the Smart, Connected Printing Press
Perhaps no company in the world is as closely tied to the fortunes of the commercial printing industry as Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, known in English as Heidelberg. The company is by far the largest producer of printing presses with a market share that encompasses approximately half the world market. Heidelberg has spent more than 15 years transforming its products, organization and business model to deliver value to its customers with smart services.
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CNH Industrial: Internal Transformation for IoT Business Model Reshapes Connected Industrial Vehicles
CNH Industrial is a global leader in capital equipment products, with a portfolio of individual brands that produce more than 300 types of vehicles for agriculture, construction, and commercial use. For CNH Industrial, the Internet of Things represents a path for strategic differentiation in its relationships with customers. The Internet of Things strategy has led to internal organizational transformation to optimize resources and outcomes for customers.
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IoT Transformation at Carestream: Market Disruption and Improved Customer Relationships
Carestream is a worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems and IT solutions; X-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing; and advance materials for the precision films and electronics markets. Imaging is a critical part of the diagnostic chain of events that is essential to positive patient outcomes. Carestream sees the IoT as a major enabling technology to help ensure that this critical imaging link is performing at peak efficiency. Through the use of IoT, Carestream has been able to provide an increased level of service to its customers and has been able to gain market share and increase profits by distinguishing itself from its competition.
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OrbotechOrbotech Case Study
Orbotech is a global producer of computer-aided manufacturing, engineering and inspection solutions for printed circuit boards. Using smart, connected service apps, Orbotech grants customers greater control over remote actions, and enabled a secure diagnostic mode for service technicians. The result is improved response and resolution times, and more accurate diagnostics that reduce false parts demand.
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sysmex logoSysmex Corporation

Sysmex is a global leader in the design and development of high-quality, reliable, and innovative clinical diagnostic equipment and information systems in the field of hematology and urinalysis. In addition to diagnostic equipment and systems, the company generates 10% of its overall revenue through their service offerings.


Intense competition in the medical device market, especially in the U.S., demands a higher level of customer service at lower costs. However, legacy technology hindered Sysmex's ability to achieve economies of scale as their business grew, as well as the ability to deliver the value-added services that they need to stay ahead of the competition.


When Sysmex deployed the ThingWorx Platform, a new business model became available to them which allowed for greater competitive advantage. This advanced manufacturing platform enabled Sysmex to expand their service offering significantly while lowering costs. Additional benefits included:

  • Direct, real-time connections for delivering next-generation support applications
  • Rapid problem resolution using enhanced collaboration, as well as data from remote systems
  • The ability to quickly iterate their value-added applications to take advantage of changing market and customer demands


ThingWorx's simplified and unified approach to IoT applications enabled Sysmex to iteratively innovate their business processes faster than the conventional methods and legacy tools. As a result, Sysmex achieved:

  • A 5-10 times improvement in their internal application development team utilization
  • Improved equipment uptime through faster decision response time
  • Improved labor utilization through a collaborative development and information exchange environment

OnFarm Smart, Connected Products Drive New Decision Farming
OnFarm Systems is a rapidly maturing IoT startup, founded to improve agricultural productivity by using the IoT. By making the right strategic choices, OnFarm has created an entirely new and proactive way to manage agricultural businesses and farms and is now expanding to include regional environmental issues such as large-scale water conservation.
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Smart, Connected Products Drive a New IoT Business Model
All Traffic Solutions is differentiating itself by using smart, connected products to change its offerings from merely selling hardware to selling new data-driven business services. In doing so, All Traffic has expanded their addressable market, increased productivity of customer workforces, and transformed their relationship with customers.
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Diebold Maximizes Profitability and Customer Satisfaction With IoT-Enabled Services
ATM industry leader Diebold employs smart connected products to conduct remote diagnostics and issue resolution across over 5,000 ATMs. As a result, Diebold saw a 17% increase in remote issue resolution, a 15% reduction in equipment downtime, and average downtime responses shortened to less than 30 minutes.
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Gerber TechnologyGerber Case Studies
A division of Gerber Scientific, Gerber Technology is the global leader in manufacturing automation systems for the sewn products and flexible materials industries. By adopting smart, connected capabilities, Gerber Scientific has enabled a global, proactive service model. The result is granular, real-time, and more effective management of inventory and infrastructure—realizing substantial cost benefits.
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ElektaMaximizing Clinical Availability and Performance with System Connectivity
Elekta develops state-of-the-art therapy systems for treating cancer and brain disorders. By implementing smart, connected applications, Elekta's remote service resolution jumped 20%, system uptime was increased, and product performance data is used directly for design and quality improvements.
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LeicaReducing Unscheduled Downtime and Customer Efficiency
A leader in microscopes and scientific instruments Leica Microsystems recognized that it could differentiate itself by moving to a proactive service model that would prevent downtime, and predict problems before they happened. By securing an IoT platform, Leica quickly and fundamentally improved the value of their products through reduced downtime, specimen protection, and improved user self-service.
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PEP StationsPEP Stations Charges Ahead with Remote Monitoring and Reporting
PEP Stations is advancing alternative-energy vehicle adoption through their growing network of Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) charging-stations. Using PTC Axeda technology, PEP Stations is able to offer remote monitoring and reporting capabilities, a substantial competitive advantage.
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Varian LogoReducing Mean Time to Repair by 50 Percent
A global-leading manufacturer of integrated cancer therapy systems, Varian sought to improve system uptime through faster service and resolution, using connectivity. By making their instruments smart and connected, Varian can monitor performance, predict and prevent product failures, enable remote service, and ensure that visiting technicians can deliver service faster.
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