CRM/ERP Integration With Enterprise Systems

Our IoT Integration Framework and Partnerships With Leading Systems Integrators Will Simplify Integration with SAP, Oracle, and Other Enterprise Systems

Companies that were early in bringing their products online are now realizing that the real "gold" in M2M is taking that data and integrating with enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP or data warehouses — optimizing critical business processes and essentially M2M-izing their organizations.


For example, product data flowing through a CRM or ERP system can also be sent to billing or into a supply chain management system — helping to eliminate error-prone manual steps and providing new sales opportunities for business processes such as:

  • Consumables management
  • Usage-based billing
  • Warranty management

Additionally, integration with quality assurance or product management can help enhance product features based on real-world data that shows usage patterns or equipment issues — helping to improve customer satisfaction and streamlining Beta programs.