Creo Parametric: Rendering and Animation

Flexible Rendering Tools

Unless you’re a really talented still-life painter, you’re going to need rendering tools.

Rendering is the process of generating an image from a 3D model using computer graphics.  This mode of visual communication helps colleagues, suppliers and potential buyers ‘get’ your product. When you have a target customer in mind, nothing beats working in a virtual environment that allows you to understand how the product would fit in the ‘real world’ your intended customer inhabits. Rendering can do this quickly and inexpensively, enriching design reviews and helping stakeholders connect with your design.

With Creo Render Studio Extension you can easily produce photorealistic renderings: stunning images with sophisticated handling of light, scenes and model appearances. It’s fully integrated with Creo Parametric so you can move between rendering and modeling modes without the need to exit the rendering application. And with real-time ray-tracing, you can leverage existing scenes and appearances for your designs. The image is constantly rendering itself, so there’s no waiting.

Download the Creo Render Studio Extension Datasheet