Forrester Report: The Total Economic Impact of AR

Forrester Consulting conducted a study to understand the ROI potential of AR and PTC's Vuforia AR offerings. Conducted with companies currently using Vuforia, this research examines multiple use cases and products—detailing the total economic impact of their AR investments.

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Industry Rankings: Teknowlogy Evaluates AR Platforms

AR is transforming business—elevating not just external customer experiences but workforce performance. At the vanguard of this AR-led revolution is PTC's Vuforia. Discover why Vuforia is preferred by developers, trusted by market leaders, and well-regarded by industry analysts, including the experts at Teknowlogy.

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Find Industrial AR Solutions to Fit Your Use Case

Augmented reality can bring value to many areas in your business—where to start depends on understanding where you'll get the fastest, most meaningful ROI. These AR use cases provide a template for competitive advantage and a roadmap for improvement

AR With Vuforia

Vuforia enables industrial enterprises to create and deliver easily consumable work instructions, procedural guidance, hands-on training and remote assistance that transform the way they do business.

The Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite consists of four augmented reality solutions that are highly usable, easy to adopt, and deliver fast time to value.

Vuforia Studio

Easily create scalable industrial AR content with 3D overlays

Vuforia Studio

Vuforia Expert Capture

Author and publish AR content quickly for frontline workers

Vuforia Expert Capture

Vuforia Engine

Enable powerful, branded AR experiences

Vuforia Engine

Vuforia Chalk

Transform teams with AR-driven collaboration and remote assistance

Vuforia Chalk

Learn. Test. Experiment. Prove. Pilot—Take Advantage of Vuforia AR Developer Resources.

Over half a million AR developers have chosen the advanced computer vision, calibrated performance and cross-platform reach of Vuforia Engine, making it the most popular AR development software on the planet. Start developing today!

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Make Industrial AR a Reality for Your Business

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