Industrial Augmented Reality

Connect the digital and physical worlds and invite users to seamlessly interact with both. You’ll transform more than just products, operations and services. You’ll transform your business.

IDC: AR adopters are outpacing competitors

Why will companies invest over $8 billion on industrial AR this year? Because AR-driven use cases rapidly deliver decisive advantages. How are they using AR to win? Download IDC’s latest white paper to find out.

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Experience the impact of AR across your business

Industrial AR has applications across the value chain. Download our AR Use Cases eBook—and understand the full scope of AR-driven solutions.

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Unlock the value of AR today

AR opportunities exist across your organization; these use cases offer fast time-to-value.

Sales & Marketing

Accelerate time-to-market and improve buying experiences. Reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction. AR for sales & marketing solutions are easy to deploy and get fast results.

eBook: Enhance Sales with AR

Training & Support

Watch this video to see how PTC and Microsoft are helping BAE train their technicians 30-40% faster. And to understand the full range of AR’s potential for knowledge transfer and training, download ABI Research’s white paper.

ABI Report: Master AR-enabled Training

Meet the Vuforia Industrial AR family

Whether you need custom solutions or the ability to scale rapidly, Vuforia delivers with three industry leading products: Vuforia Engine, Vuforia Chalk and Vuforia Studio.


Develop custom cross-platform AR applications


Rapidly create and deploy scalable AR content


Collaborate in real-time with 3D annotation


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Build codeless AR experiences

Vuforia Studio offers a code-free way for subject-matter experts to easily deliver AR experiences that merge the digital and physical worlds.

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Explore Chalk

Remote collaboration meets AR annotation

Vuforia Chalk is revolutionizing mobile collaboration. Users digitally share and annotate their physical environments in real-time. Chalk can be provisioned in minutes

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Vuforia Engine

PTC’s Vuforia Engine powers over 55,000 AR apps. Engine’s powerful features and flexibility puts AR designers and developers in total control. Create and build any AR experience, and ensure it works on any platform.