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The Leading PLM Software for Retail, Fashion, Footwear, Apparel and Consumer Products

Dealing with fast fashion, private-label goods and branded lines is challenging. PTC FlexPLM offers the most comprehensive Retail PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) capabilities, proven at over two-thirds of the leading retail and consumer-product companies.

PTC FlexPLM can help address both your industry-specific challenges and your everyday business pressures. It provides line planning, specification management, merchandising and other essential PLM capabilities for managing your company’s complete assortment of products. Learn why more global leaders trust their product development to PTC FlexPLM.

PTC FlexPLM 11 is…


It begins with design and PTC FlexPLM gives voice to that design by enabling easy, global collaboration that inspires innovation, drives productivity, and enables quality at every level.

  • Deliver inspired designs that drive customer engagement
  • Enable teams to be more creative and collaborative
  • Role-based and task-based apps
  • Integration to third-party clients
  • Retail solutions for connected store management (CSM)
  • Integration to external systems, such as ERP and planning
  • Data extraction


PTC FlexPLM provides real-time critical data to maximize efficiencies between your internal and external teams. This connectivity is enabled by ThingWorx™ technology to integrate data from:

  • Physical products
  • Web-based resources
  • Enterprise software systems

Deliver unparalleled access, insight, and value in a modern and easily consumable user experience.


Powerful IoT intelligence drives PTC FlexPLM 11, and this brings data together for you to yield insightful information that you can act on. Your teams will know more, do more and be more agile by anticipating risk before they become issues.

Smart Connected Support™:

The Performance Advisor for PTC FlexPLM improves the administrator and end-user experience while enhancing PLM performance, reliability, and uptime:

  • Leverages IoT technology
  • Automatic alerts to PTC Technical Support for detected issues
  • Secure and compliant to enable proactive support

And It Only Gets Better

PTC FlexPLM 11 is an evolving solution that is driven by innovation and inspired by consumer needs and industry trends. The PTC FlexPLM roadmap includes continuous advancement to core capabilities and introduction of new functionality that deliver value.

What to Expect…

Released in Summer 2016

The 1st Role-Based PLM App is Here!

  • Tech Pack Access App:  The first of several planned app releases, Tech Pack provides vendors with access to product specification data, such as bill of materials, measurements, construction details, and imagery. Finished goods manufacturers can quickly view critical product data without delay, ensuring better accuracy, collaboration, and efficiency during product sampling and production. Generation capabilities help maintain product integrity and reduce costly errors.

Role-based apps improve the user experience by getting the right product data and on-point features to more stakeholders—faster, easier, and in context with the work they do every day. FlexPLM 11 and its role-based apps are integral components of PTC’s retail transformation journey, a roadmap for organizations to achieve a season-less, personalized, and transparent future. The retail journey entails three steps:

  • Understand – Analyze data to make better planning, design, and sourcing decisions
  • Advance – Create superior offerings through trend analysis and vendor-driven product development
  • Outperform – Maximize value and competitiveness through season-less product lines, personalized products, and transparent supply chains

The 1st Design Tool Application is Now Available!

In addition to the role-base apps, we are also introducing a suite of “Design Tools”, which are a set of apps geared toward improving the ease of usability and access to product data by the designers.

Coming in the Fall of 2016

An exciting Design Tool App you can look forward to in the Fall of 2016 is the “Inspiration App”. It allows designers, merchandisers, and brand owners to create inspiration boards by capturing imagery and videos that are trending on social feeds such as Tumbler, Twitter, and Instagram.