Aerospace & Defense: DoD OEMs

Key Challenge: Managing Weapons Systems Availability for the Warfighter Customer While Maintaining Profitability

  • Ensuring overall mission capability of weapon systems for land, air, sea and space
  • Poor compliance with Performance-based Logistics (PBL) performance metrics
    • Visibility/actionability to warfighter customer data
    • End-to-end supply chain view
  • PBL profitability and operational excellence to the warfighter customer- capture thru sustainment
    • Introduction of new weapon systems into sustainment operations without trained workforce- AR/VR enabled maintenance
    • Increasingly demanding customer expectations
      • The need to deliver more availability out of a weapon system with fewer resources
      • Reduced warfighter budgets
    • Increasingly complex weapon systems
      • More “sensored’ assets and connected operations
      • Capitalizing on the DoD’s effort around the “Third Off-Set Strategy”

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PTC: Industry-Leading, PBL Software for Superior SCOR Performance End-To-End

  • Increased availability of weapons systems while simultaneously decreasing operational costs
    • Ensures mission success to the warfighter customer
    • Achieves profitability goals for the DOD OEM
  • Immediate value to each customer - down to the warfighter
    • Functional fit out-of-the-box
    • No rip and replace: existing system optimization via wrap and extend
  • Global asset visibility and action-ability by program or multiple programs
  • Optimized inventory targets aligned to client performance metrics which can vary from program to program
  • Multi-echelon and multi-indentured planning managed
  • Right part, right place, right time aligned with warfighter budget
  • Global readiness-based sparing (RBS)
    • Visibility/actionability to the theaters of operations
  • 21st century performance support systems for the logistics community

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Additive Manufacturing Is an Important Tool

The critical role additive manufacturing (AM) will play in the future of supply chain logistics should not be understated.

Learn More about PTC Capabilities for Additive Manufacturing

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Leaders Rely on PTC FA&D Experience and Results

Leading airlines, defense agencies, DoD OEMs, and MROs use PTC solutions to harmonize inventory planning and optimize the Service Supply Chain. Consult with an Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain Expert.