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Key Challenge: The Top Defense Service Supply Chain Objective Is Weapons System Availability

Achievement of this objective depends on four key capabilities:

  • Maximized weapons system availability
    • Addresses aging weapon systems
    • Incorporates new technology introductions & initial provisioning of spares
  • Sustainment using the SCOR model while decreasing associated operational costs
    • Delivers right part, right place, right time, based on budget
    • Availability to mission profiles- while comprehending budget
  • Synchronized mission planning with the maintenance and materials Incorporation of the DoD’s “Third Off-Set Strategy”
    • Meets the criteria for ‘IOBT’ - Internet of Battlefield Things


PTC: Immediate Sustainment Value to the Warfighter

Based on superior SCOR performance, PTC software solutions and DoD compliant Cloud deliver:
  • Functional fit out-of-the-box with minimal configuration
    • SaaS offering to DoD L5 Security requirements- enabling product as a service
    • Available via PTC commercial off the shelf (COTS) software
  • Capabilities based on the SCOR model that require minimal configuration
    • No rip and replace: optimization of systems in place via wrap and extend- Systems of Systems approach
    • End-to-end SCOR performance
  • PTC capabilities include Internet of Things to enable ‘connected’ design, manufacture and service, which enables a Systems of Systems approach to deployment in the military logistics supply chain and the OEM
  • Harmonized service supply chain based on supply and demand tuned to missions
    • Support for diagnostic/health monitoring
  • 21st century performance support systems for the new-generation IT savvy logistics community

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Leaders Rely on PTC FA&D Experience and Results

Leading airlines, defense agencies, DoD OEMs, and MROs use PTC solutions to harmonize inventory planning and optimize the Service Supply Chain. Consult with an Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain Expert.