Service Visibility Critical Service Data is Consolidated into Targeted, Role-Based Views

When you don’t know where your products are or how they’re performing, it’s impossible to understand the health of your assets.

But when you achieve Service Visibility, all stakeholders in the service network can get the service and asset information they need, in a form customized to their role, through a single interface. Moreover, data from connected equipment and business systems is aggregated into information that helps you make well-informed, timely decisions about a specific asset or group/fleet of assets.

This visibility allows service organizations to: 

  • Increase service productivity by providing dashboard access to all service information and connected devices
  • Improve service contract compliance by making information easier to understand
  • Reduce the need to train users on multiple, complex service systems
  • Create a 360-degree view for service visibility across disparate systems

Heidelberg Case Study

Heidelberg, the largest producer of printing presses with a market share that encompasses approximately half the world market. For more than 15 years, the company has been transforming its products with the vision that smart, connected services had the potential to revolutionize the printing machinery business by enabling presses to deliver much higher levels of uptime and productivity to print shops.

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