Real-time Product Data Products are Tracked and Monitored Remotely by Location, Performance, Utilization and Condition

Anyone who has relied on inaccurate product data to make important service decisions knows the negative impact on the quality and timeliness of service delivery.

Real-time product data, and the ability to access it, reduces the time and cost related to service event resolution. When you have the location, performance, utilization and condition of connected assets, you can act decisively. You can monitor equipment remotely and use anomaly detection to avoid equipment downtime, pre-empt service issues, and sidestep unnecessary on-site visits.

Service organizations will:

  • Improve service level agreement compliance
  • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)/resolution time
  • Identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities

Varian Reduces Visits with Real-Time Product Data

Varian Medical Systems, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of integrated cancer therapy systems. Cancer care providers, and their patients, trust Varian. When their products need service, Varian uses remote software to connect to customer systems directly and securely, quickly resolving the problem.

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