Contract and Warranty Optimization Quantifiable risk assessment to meet service-level agreements and achieve profit margins

Contract and warranty management starts with a solid understanding of the factors that impact equipment performance and service effectiveness. Ensuring service performance and building optimal contracts require the use of sophisticated risk-assessment and visibility tools. Robust parts forecasting and optimization combined with what-if scenario modeling enables you to enter into higher risk contracts confidently. Your ability to manage risk and guarantee performance improves, making contracts and relationships longer term.

Now you’re driving better business decisions, particularly in new markets or when providing new service offerings. The result? Your ability to predict cash flows and revenue from service becomes more consistent and includes new revenue streams.

Engaging in contract and warranty optimization will:

  • Increase profitability by ensuring service performance and reducing exposure to penalties
  • Strengthen your ability to compete with confidence on performance based service contracts
  • Allow you to engage in longer-term, lower-risk, non-competitive contracts
  • Increase and strengthen your market share

iQor Offers More Profitable Contracts

iQor provides customer and product support for many of the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers. Now iQor’s master technicians can monitor repairs in real-time, thanks to an optimized knowledge base.

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