Product as a Service Contracts Based on the Utilization of Assets

Product as a service changes manufacturers’ business models from product dominant to customer-centric, based on charging for the use, availability, or outcomes of a product. This allows you to help customers achieve their goals - while expanding your own new revenue opportunities.

When you offer your product as a service, your customer takes on less risk. Although your company takes on more risk, you benefit from a locked in, predictable and larger, subscription-based revenue stream. But this business model requires you to quantify and better manage risk. Understanding the performance of your equipment and being prepared for service issues is essential to this model, with the bonus that the knowledge you gain can be fed directly into design.

Service contracts based on the utilization of assets:

  • Offer business models to increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and offer differentiation from your competition
  • Expand the options available to increase revenue
  • Ensure a locked in, larger and more predictable revenue stream

Lexmark Helps Their Customers Save Time and Money

Lexmark designs and manufactures printing and imaging products that are utilized by their customers as a service. With real-time visibility into its global operation, Lexmark is able to offer service-level agreements that guarantee minimum downtime.

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