Predictive Analytics Proactively identify service needs

Proactive and predictive maintenance can prevent unscheduled downtime. You’re able to remotely monitor equipment, detect anomalies at the asset and component level, and fix potential problems before they happen. Often before the customer knows.

Customers benefit from reduced cost of ownership and greater satisfaction from increased uptime. Service organizations benefit from being proactive, instead of reactive, and can now halt potential problems and even identify performance improvements based on prescriptive analysis.

Moving to proactive service enables:

  • Increased uptime and reduced unplanned downtime
  • Reduced emergency break-fix activities
  • Increased customer loyalty through proactive maintenance
  • Reduced cost of ownership due to lower maintenance costs

Flowserve Saves Customers Millions with Predictive Analytics

Flowserve is a leading manufacturer and aftermarket service provider of flow control products and services for many of the world’s most critical applications. By harnessing predictive analytics, Flowserve can predict failures before they happen using real-time pattern and anomaly detection to prevent pump downtime and improve service quality.

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