New Revenue Streams Value-Added Service Offerings Create New Revenue Streams

You, like your customers, want to be more profitable. By analyzing data from connected equipment and other business systems, you’ll understand better how factors like environment, usage and other real world factors impact your products’ performance. This information helps you identify and achieve new revenue streams, such as premium or outcome-based service, and find ways to increase profitability through existing service offerings.

Identifying new revenue streams will:

  • Increase and solidify service business revenues and profits
  • Enhance customer loyalty by increasing service value to their business
  • Improve customer relationships and increase total lifetime customer value
  • Provide new growth opportunities and build competitive differentiation

Trane Helps Customers Operate More Effectively and Efficiently

Trane, an industry leader in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services, wanted to help their customers operate more effectively and efficiently. Trane uses smart, connected products in their service-centric approach to taking care of customers. They can anticipate and prevent break-fix problems by receiving predictive data and turning it into actionable information before failures occur. This improves product uptime and performance but also increases customer value.

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