Digital Twin A digital representation of a physical asset’s configuration and condition, both current and historical

A digital twin is much as it sounds: a digital representation of a specific asset in the field, including current and past configuration states, taking into account serialized parts, software versions, options, and variants. Condition data is also represented including sensor readings, alerts, and operating environments.

A digital twin has significant implications for service, especially when visualized as a CAD-sourced graphic in 3D virtual or augmented reality. Using this immersive and real-time information, technicians can inspect and verify the asset being serviced to get precise service instructions.

Using a digital twin can:

  • Enable optimal service delivery by analyzing a product’s current state and using that information to better understand performance and simulate repairs
  • Increase technicians’ effectiveness with actionable asset summaries and configuration-specific service information
  • Provide and maintain an as-maintained digital representation of specific assets in the field, in one integrated platform
  • Increase technician efficiency by delivering the right information at the right time: product state, diagnostics, spare parts, and technical information

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