Digital Service Content Up-to-Date Digital Service Information and Parts Catalogs

A trustworthy source of maintenance information is key to getting everyone on the same page. Technicians often struggle to keep up with product and maintenance changes inherent in complex equipment. Having access to up-to-date, digital service and parts information is critical to the successful performance of your service organization.

Digital Service Content provides this single source of truth. When it’s in place, your technicians and customers can access and use continually updated, digital service information and part catalogs from disparate sources and formats. This maintenance and part information is related to an individual asset and tailored to a specific task.

An integrated shopping cart for ordering parts, even from a range of sources, dramatically reduces part ordering errors. Information is structured in a parts centric way which is essential for offering new visual guidance tools through Virtual and Augmented Reality interfaces.

Benefits you can expect from this improved access to service and parts information include:

  • Improved service effectiveness and productivity by arming technicians with more complete, relevant information
  • Reduced service visit and inventory costs
  • Increased parts revenue
  • Increased customer satisfaction

PTC Supports Healthcare Company’s Plans for Global Growth

A global healthcare company wanted to completely change how it organized and managed service content. The task wasn’t just about modifying documentation processes. Instead, the company needed to reinvent business practices for creating, delivering, and updating service knowledge. By partnering with PTC, the customer was able to create new standardized workflows and improve efficiency.

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