Constant Analytics Analytics and Product Feedback Enables Design for Service

Constant Analytics provides insight into the entire service business and improves both business and asset performance. By continually analyzing equipment data to understand pervasive issues in a group or fleet, you can improve the entire network’s performance and also identify real-world product improvement opportunities. This type of analysis can lead to more profitable contracts and enable new revenue streams.

By continually analyzing product feedback you can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction through better asset performance and service
  • Increase customer retention and value
  • Create revenue streams and growth from new offerings
  • Manage risk and guarantee performance accurately
  • Design equipment for service

Flowserve Saves Customers Millions with Predictive Analytics

Flowserve is a leading manufacturer and aftermarket service provider of flow control products and services for many of the world’s most critical applications. By harnessing predictive analytics, Flowserve can predict failures before they happen using real-time pattern and anomaly detection to prevent pump downtime and improve service quality.

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