Voice of the Customer Infuse Voice of the Customer During Product Development to Predict Winning Styles

Analyze your data to make better planning, design, and sourcing decisions

Faced by multiple market pressures in an ultra-competitive environment, knowing which styles will resonate the most with your customers can provide a strategic advantage when it comes to bringing products to market. Over the past few years, incorporating ‘Voice of the Customer’ has increasingly become the path through which retailers:

  • Determine which styles will be winners when released to market
  • Gather valuable consumer insights and enhance customer experiences and future product designs

To stay ahead of the competition, leading retailers are implementing consumer testing of ‘in-development’ product designs, where thousands of products can be tested within a short timeframe – typically 24-48 hours. This allows you to view consumer feedback in-line with product designs and make design and development adjustments in a timely manner.

The results are higher revenue and margins based on delivering on-trend products that consumers want!

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