Digital Concept Management Digitally Capture Ideas, Concepts & Trends, and Rapidly Iterate on Them with Other Stakeholders to Set Product, Material, and Seasonal Direction

Create superior offerings through trend analysis and vendor-driven product development

As retailers face stiff pressure to deliver the latest trends and meet the growing demands of today’s digital consumer, shortening development cycle times is more critical than ever. By shifting from physical mood / trend / concept boards and other manual methods to a digital application, the time between ideation and product creation can be significantly reduced, ensuring your products are delivered to market on-trend, on-time and on-budget.

With digital concept management, designers and developers can now:

  • Create visually appealing and functional inspiration boards in one centralized repository
  • Quickly aggregate ideas and inspirations from across the enterprise and rapidly iterate on them with other stakeholders to set product, material, and seasonal direction
  • Utilize built-in links to leading social media sites to capture up-to-the-minute trends and imagery, and pull them into your inspiration board
  • Automatically bring your finalized inspirations into FlexPLM and create products with visibility into sourcing


With the web-based application, designers will be able to organize and group boards into projects, while intuitive functionality will make it easy to add and resize images, add text, create annotations, and zoom without compromising image quality. Boards can be easily shared with internal users and external suppliers via simple-to-use settings that will support both review and collaboration scenarios.

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