PTC Culture

PTC is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing technology companies.

Bringing Our Culture to Life

PTC is a fast-paced, results-oriented organization. Our people are goal-driven, competitive, and team-oriented. We have high expectations for ourselves and others. Our reputation for excellence within the industry and our focus on ethical behavior are our top priorities. We encourage employee empowerment and hard work, though we recognize that a balance between work and regular life is critical to maintaining passion and intensity in our careers.

Jim Heppelman, CEO of PTC"PTC has a strong culture driven by great employees."

— Jim Heppelmann

Our Core Values

The foundation of PTC's work culture comes from the following seven core values:


We strive to rise above "good" to be "the best". We believe in having a positive, competitive, optimistic, and realistic approach to everything we do. We hold ourselves to high standards that will truly produce excellence, which makes us a great company.


We have a team spirit that is the essence of our winning organization. No single group is responsible for our success—it is achieved through collaboration, diverse ideas, skills and experiences. We address challenges and opportunities as one team fighting one fight until our customers reach success.

Innovation & Empowerment

We drive to innovate by integrating the needs of our customers, evolving markets, new technology and the expertise of our employees throughout the world. We are empowered to share our thoughts and bring our ideas to the forefront to be heard.


We are diligent in our pursuit of victory. We will do everything we can to win and, when we don't, we learn from it to improve for the future. We drive hard toward developing success in our results.

Integrity & Professionalism

We conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner. It means doing what is right, even when no one is looking, and serves as a cornerstone of our present and future success.

Customer Success

We are relentless in enhancing the value proposition for our customers. We are committed to our customers' success and we use it as an indicator of the success of PTC. We declare victory when the customer finds they are getting value from our solutions.

Social Responsibility Through Shared Value

We engage with the communities in which we work and give back to them. We develop and participate in programs that create value for our community and our company.

Living Our Core Values

Our employees have built a strong company culture. That Culture has seven Core Values that are our guiding principles. We live them every day. We take pride in upholding them. If you see your own strengths in these values, you embody what it takes to be successful at PTC. Want to know what those Core Values are? Meet a few of our employees as they tell about a few of them.

Serge ACustomer Success

"What motivates me and makes me happy is recognition from the customer thanking me for helping them with a complex solution."
- Serge A., Principal Technical Support Engineer

Carol EExcellence

"When it comes to hard work, my father and grandfather taught me the importance of going in and doing something instead of waiting to be told."
- Carol E., Finance Analyst

Joe FInnovation & Empowerment

"It's so invigorating for me to see how bright, motivated, and well-rounded these people are who are just coming into PTC."
- Joe F., Quality Lead for Global Services

David DSocial Responsibility Through Shared Value

"Social Responsibility Through Shared Value means finding a community and practicing gracious professionalism, not just in theory, but even when the pressure is on, with teammates, and with competitors."
- David D., Principal Software Engineer

Nao ITeamwork

"Whether working on company projects, or in my pastime playing Futsal (5-on-5 mini soccer), I believe Teamwork is the most important factor to winning."
- Nao I., Human Resources Director

Kathleem MWinning

"The learning required to move into new technologies means that if you are visible, proactively educating yourself, seeking projects that stretch your learning curve, and generally getting engaged, you will be noticed through your work."
- Kathleen M., CVP of Corporate Strategy

Chris M

Integrity & Professionalism

"PTC is an action-oriented culture. And Integrity and Professionalism is all about the actions."
- Chris M., VP of Global Services


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