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This is how we see the people we work with in the global, collaborative environment that is PTC. They're also the same traits we look for in those we hire. Because at PTC, we believe leaders emerge when individuals are challenged to deliver innovative projects, taught to effectively collaborate across industries and geographies, and given opportunities to share their ideas and expertise. Hear how CEO Jim Heppelmann believes leadership is cultivated and recognized at PTC.

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Manage Your Career at PTC

What is your vision for your career? Maybe you want to be the leading subject matter expert in your industry. Perhaps you see your career leading to a management position. Or you might possibly be looking for a new opportunity with our company. Whatever your career goal, PTC has the right tools to help you reach it.

As a PTC employee, you have the power to drive your career where you want it to go. We've identified four areas where we can provide resources to help you along the way on your career journey:

Section 1: Identify Your Career Goals

Whether your goal as an employee at PTC is to improve in your current job, move into a new role, or work towards a leadership position, we have the following tools to get started.

  • Job models for personal and career advancement
  • Career level criteria
  • Promotion criteria

Section 2: Create a Development Plan

A personal and professional development plan is about more than just training. In fact, much of your development plan should include on-the-job experiences that will help put what you have learned into action. At PTC, we help you document your career goals and build a plan for achieving them.

Section 3: Never Stop Learning

Career growth does not always mean a job change. You can continue to learn, grow, and develop within your current job by taking on additional roles, responsibilities, or tasks. You can continue to build your capability and develop competencies as well, making you even more effective at what you love to do. Whatever your career objective, PTC has the tools to support you. Your career is in your hands, including:

  • A library of learning activities aligned to competencies
  • Competency development resources for career growth
  • A platform to keep track of your training and access hundreds of on-demand training courses
  • A business skills library has hundreds of on-demand training courses on a wide variety of topics
  • Instant access to author webcasts, podcasts, and book summaries for hundreds of online books

Section 4: Grow Your Career/Internal Mobility Program

Our Internal Mobility Program exists to give employees the opportunities to grow their career and try something new, while allowing PTC to retain its best talent and build future leadership. If you're ready to take ownership of your career now, consider joining PTC!