How to: Split Surfaces in Creo FMX

With the release of Creo 4, you can now split part of a surface away from the original part in Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX). That way, you can work on the split region separately from the rest of the surface as needed.

 In previous releases, the system wouldn’t remove elements if the remaining geometry couldn’t be closed to a solid. The Auto split shape surfaces check box available in Creo 4 now detects and automatically splits the “bleeding” surface—seamlessly removing the shape.

 For example, say you want to remove the surfaces selected in the boss below. Notice how the boss and another shape share the same surface?

 A splitting surface is selected to divide the shared surface into two portions. One portion belongs to the boss. The remaining portion of the surface does not belong to the boss.

 To split shared surfaces so that the system only removes the portions that belong to the selected shape, follow these steps:

  1. Select a shape for removal.
  2. Click Remove Surface > Options.
  3. Select the Auto split shape surfaces check box. 


Creo only removed the portion of the shared surface that does not belong to the boss. Note that this action might fail if the boss is attached via rounds. 

This is particularly useful when used along with shape selection or with queries based on the Geometry Search tool. When combined, these capabilities make defeaturing a model quicker and easier.

Here’s How It Works

You can see a brief demo of these steps in the video below:

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