Windchill Academic Platform

Engineering jobs have changed

Engineering jobs have changed. With the globalization of the design process, increased product complexity and greater regulatory pressure, an understanding of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and the importance of collaboration has become a necessary skill for graduates. Windchill fosters student collaboration and provides them with exposure to the modern product development education demanded by the world’s leading companies. The Windchill Academic Platform offers complete functionality for project management, while facilitating effective student collaboration regardless of physical location.

Why choose Windchill for your institution?

  • Work concurrently on senior design projects, curriculum and collegiate design competitions regardless of students' geographic location.

  • Gain insight into the lifecycle of a product and help students understand that their design decisions have implications beyond their original purpose.

  • Document, capture, reuse and transfer knowledge across academic institutions and the wider research community.

  • "On demand," scalable, secure Web-based project structure for capturing engineering data ― including documents, images, video and CAD files (integration with other CAD tools included) ― with no impact on your department's IT infrastructure.