Mathcad for Students

PTC Mathcad is math software that allows you to solve, analyze and share your most vital engineering calculations. Here are five main reasons to utilize PTC Mathcad to complement your current engineering education or any class that you offer:

  • Easy to Learn — Perform the basics using standard notation in an intuitive interface. Students can easily create and understand worksheets with very little training because PTC Mathcad utilizes known standards and conventions and complements other math notation tools.

  • Powerful Tools — Excellent CAS, graphics, text and programming capabilities and improved processing power. PTC Mathcad combines numerical and symbolic tools and deep text formatting capabilities in a single document interface.

  • Broadens Student Thinking — PTC Mathcad offers documentation and communication capabilities that foster creativity, flexibility, multiple representations and precision by putting the tools in one interface ― using standard syntax and easy to access toolbars.

  • Supports Teaching Excellence — PTC Mathcad provides a content development environment for intellectual property. Transparency in early iterations and the final product creates an environment that enables broad distribution of content that facilitates professional collaboration and continuous improvement.

  • Supports Real-World Skills — Real-world skills needed by employers go beyond the ability to program into the realm of proper and efficient communication. Students must be able to demonstrate that an analysis has been done — using more than just a notepad, pencil or spreadsheet — that proves the product's viability in a real-world environment.