Business Opportunities from Physical and Digital Convergence

Unlock the Business Value Created by the Convergence of the Physical and Digital

The convergence of the physical and digital worlds is happening all around us. PTC’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) platform and field-proven product lifecycle solutions power the physical and digital convergence. Learn how you can capitalize on these business opportunities.

3D Printing from CAD Models

All products start their life as a digital CAD model that defines their DNA. Creo enables 3D design to visualize and simulate a physical product digitally and create and optimize parametrically controlled lattice structures. Using additive manufacturing or 3D printing, this digital CAD data can easily be converted directly into a physical part or product. This example of physical and digital convergence creates efficiency across the organization, including added agility in product design and engineering.

harness physical and digital convergence in additive manufacturing 

3D Printing harnesses physical and digital convergence
to directly manifest digital designs to physical prototypes.

Smart, Connected Products and Product Lifecycle Management

Once designed, products are managed and traced in a Windchill PLM system and their digital features are programmed in an Integrity ALM system. With smart, connected products, physical-world usage and performance data streaming from product sensors are monitored and analyzed by the ThingWorx Platform and delivered via role based apps throughout the product's lifecycle. These insights are incorporated into engineering processes to improve product design and quality or deliver remote software updates and service.

converge physical and digital properties 

Smart, Connected Products converge digital capabilities and
experiences with physical product functionality and deliver the
voice of the product to  enhance their value.

Smart Manufacturing/Industrie 4.0

Smart Manufacturing leverages digitally connected physical assets to drive insights into their operation and overall physical manufacturing processes for efficiency gains and cost savings.

Managing physical and digital manufacturing processes through the ThingWorx Platform creates a true Smart Manufacturing environment, with interoperability and continuous harmony between physical manufacturing using heterogeneous connected assets with digital processes in design and engineering.

smart manufacturing with physical and digital convergence 

Smart Manufacturing harnesses physical and digital
convergence to drive manufacturing excellence.

Service Lifecycle Management and Augmented Reality

Once manufactured, repair and maintenance service ensures product performance and uptime. This physical service lifecycle management with Servigistics is becoming digitally connected to drive efficiency for field service teams and optimize service parts management.

Companies can now  maintain a link to inventory systems in real time, and field service workforce can diagnose the problem before they arrive to decrease unplanned downtime. This connected service model incorporates predictive monitoring of connected assets and remote service capabilities to enable new service models and revenue opportunities.

Using Augmented Reality experiences built with the ThingWorx Platform, digital service content from CAD, PLM or SLM systems is superimposed in physical world context to deliver insights to your field technicians or self-service instructions for your customers. By bringing these digital insights directly into the physical world, errors are reduced and the overall service experience for your customers and field technicians is improved.

merge the physical and digital product experience 

Augmented Reality harnesses physical and digital convergence
to transform the physical and digital product experiences.